War on Terror

High quality essays written by experts on the War on Terror are presented. Essays discuss the rationale for the war on terror, criticisms of the war, and the difficulty of ensuring that the war does not become a war against Islam. Significant events and turning points in the war are also provided.

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The War on Terror feeding frenzy.


The article reflects on the vast discrepancy between the terrorist threat facing America and the scale of the people's response. READ MORE »

Here is Rumsfeld's memo-- read it without the media's spin.

Fort Worth Business Press

Presents the text of a memorandum issued by U.S. Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld, which addressed the global war on terrorism. Responsibilities of... READ MORE »

Truth is first casualty of war.

Business Insurance

Comments on the campaign strategies of the United States government against terrorism. Issues on the truthfulness of information propagated by the... READ MORE »

Support for the War on Terrorism.

Officer Review Magazine

The article presents a government resolution concerning the support for the War on Terrorism in the U.S. READ MORE »

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