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High quality essays written by experts on foreign policy and North Korea are presented. Essays discuss the difficulties associated with dealing with North Korea, North Korea's relentless pursuit of nuclear weapons, and various policies directed against North Korea.

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Bang Goes Pyongyang.

American Spectator

Focuses on the defense industry of North Korea. Nuclear warheads of North Korea; Foreign aids that helped the North Korean economy; Suggestions on... READ MORE »

North Korea South Korea: US Policy at a Time of Crisis.

Journal of Third World Studies

Reviews the book "North Korea South Korea: US Policy at a Time of Crisis," by John Feffer. READ MORE »

Who is fighting peace in Korea? An undiplomatic history.

World Policy Journal

Looks into history of diplomacy of the United States with North Korea. Security assuances granted by the US to convince an insecure North Korea to... READ MORE »

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