High quality essays written by experts on nutrition are presented. Essays discuss the benefits of vegetarianism and teh various reasons people give for becoming vegeratirians, such as health, animal rights, and religion. Vegetarianism has grown in popularity around the U.S. in recent years.

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Become a vegetarian in five easy steps.

Vegetarian Times

Discusses how non-vegetarians can alter their own list of largely non-vegetarian foods to a new list of vegetarian foods. Description of some of the... READ MORE »

A Real Con Job.

Vegetarian Times

Provides information on vegetarians in the U.S. Details on organizations that promote vegetarianism; Discussion on the emergence of political and... READ MORE »

So You Want to Be a Vegetarian? EN Answers Your Questions.

Environmental Nutrition

Presents question and answer advisory on becoming a vegetarian. Definition of a vegetarian; Nutritional components of a vegetarian diet; Ways to... READ MORE »

Clearing up the common misconceptions about vegetarianism.

Tufts University Health & Nutrition Letter

Clarifies the common misconceptions about vegetarianism. Includes the superiority of vegetarian diets in comparison to animal foods; Lack of protein... READ MORE »

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