January 2009
American Heritage Student Science Dictionary;2009, p321
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A definition of the term "sphere" is presented. It refers to a three-dimensional geometric surface having all of its points the same distance from a given point.


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  • spherical.  // Taber's Cyclopedic Medical Dictionary;2005, p2041 

    The article presents a definition for the term "spherical," which refers to a sphere.

  • On extension of isometries between the unit spheres of normed space E and l p ( p > 1). Ji Jin Yi; Rui Dong Wang // Acta Mathematica Sinica;Jul2009, Vol. 25 Issue 7, p1139 

    In this paper, we study the extension of isometries between the unit spheres of normed space E and l p( p > 1). We arrive at a conclusion that any surjective isometry between the unit sphere of normed space l p( p > 1) and E can be extended to be a linear isometry on the whole space l p( p > 1)...

  • seg·ment.  // American Heritage Student Science Dictionary;2009, p306 

    Several definitions of the term "segment" are presented. Segment is the portion of a line between any two of its points. It can also refer to the region bounded by an arc of a circle and the chord that connects the endpoints of the arc. Segment is also the portion of a sphere included between a...

  • polyhedral.  // Taber's Cyclopedic Medical Dictionary;2005, p1725 

    A definition of the term "polyhedral" is presented. It refers to the bodies who have many surfaces.

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    A definition of sphere packing problem, is presented. It refers to one of the n-dimensional analogues of the problem of packing skittle balls in a cuboidal box in order to utilize the space in the box as efficiently as possible.

  • Bulk and interior packing densities of random close packing of hard spheres. Yugong Wu; Zhigang Fan; Yuzhu Lu // Journal of Materials Science;May2003, Vol. 38 Issue 9, p2019 

    The packing densities of random close packing of equal hard spheres (RCPHS) are studied. The RCPHS is generated by a rearrangement algorithm with an optimization subroutine. Traditionally defined packing density, bulk density, is found to be 0.635 ± 0.002 by extrapolation to infinite number...

  • Poincaré's conjecture (1904) Mathematics.  // Dictionary of Theories;2002, p419 

    A definition of the term "Poincaré's conjecture" is presented. It is a term used in mathematics advanced by Jules Henri Poincaré. It holds that every simply connected three-dimensional compact manifold is topologically equivalent to a three-dimensional sphere.

  • Barba's law (1880) Physics.  // Dictionary of Theories;2002, p46 

    A definition of the term "Barba's law" is presented. It refers a law in physics, which was named after its discoverer. The law states that in a tensile test in which samples are tested to fracture, geometrically similar test pieces of a given material deform in a similar manner. If the test...

  • triangle.  // Taber's Cyclopedic Medical Dictionary;2005, p2233 

    A definition of the term "triangle" is presented. It refers to a figure bound by three sides.


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