Kuester, E. F.; Memić, N.; Shen, S.; Scher, A.; Kim, S.; Kumley, K.; Loui, H.
November 2011
Progress in Electromagnetics Research B;Nov2011, Vol. 33, p175
Academic Journal
A low-loss passive metamaterial exhibiting negative refractive index or "double negative" electromagnetic properties at microwave frequencies is proposed. The metamaterial is a lattice of spherical particles made up of multiple dielectric materials in concentric layers. Because no magnetic constituents (that tend to have higher losses) are involved, the negative-index behavior is possible with very low values of attenuation. A negative-index metamaterial based on dielectric-coated metal spheres is also proposed, and is predicted to have lower attenuation than other structures based on metallic scatterers. Numerical results and design principles are given.


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