Structural and Magnetic Studies on Ni-Mn-Ga-based Ferromagnetic Shape Memory Alloys

Mathur, R. P.; Singh, R. K.; Ray, S.; Manivel Raja, M.; Ghosal, P.; Chandrasekaran, V.
May 2011
Defence Science Journal;2011, Vol. 61 Issue 3, p275
Academic Journal
Quaternary Ni50 Fex Mn30-x Ga20 (x = 2.5, 5, and 15) and Ni45 Fe5 Mn30 Ga20 alloys based on modification of ferromagnetic shape memory alloy ternary Ni50 Mn30 Ga20 composition prepared by vacuum arc melting and subsequent heat-treatment were investigated to understand the effect of varying Fe-content in Ni-Fe-Mn-Ga alloys. With increasing Fe-content, saturation magnetisation and Curie temperature increased, however martensite transformation temperature did not show a systematic variation. The 57Fe Mossbauer spectra showed three distinct sub-spectra depending upon the site occupancy by Fe-atoms. The results are explained with site selection by Fe-atom in parent L21 lattice.


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