Vaccinia Virus Infection in Monkeys, Brazilian Amazon

Abrahão, Jônatas S.; Silva-Fernandes, André T.; Lima, Larissa S.; Campos, Rafael K.; Guedes, Maria I. M. C.; Cota, Marcela M. G.; Assis, Felipe L.; Borges, Iara A.; Souza-Júnior, Milton F.; Lobato, Zélia I. P.; Bonjardim, Cláudio A.; Ferreira, Paulo C. P.; Trindade, Giliane S.; Kroon, Erna G.
June 2010
Emerging Infectious Diseases;Jun2010, Vol. 16 Issue 6, p976
Academic Journal
To detect orthopoxvirus in the Brazilian Amazon, we conducted a serosurvey of 344 wild animals. Neutralizing antibodies against orthopoxvirus were detected by plaque-reduction neutralizing tests in 84 serum samples. Amplicons from 6 monkey samples were sequenced. These amplicons identified vaccinia virus genetically similar to strains from bovine vaccinia outbreaks in Brazil.


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