Compositional and Structural Study of Gd Implanted ZnO Films

Murmu, Peter P.; Kennedy, John V.; Markwitz, Andreas; Ruck, Ben J.
July 2009
AIP Conference Proceedings;7/23/2009, Vol. 1151 Issue 1, p185
Conference Proceeding
We report a compositional and structural study of ZnO films implanted with 30 keV Gd ions. The depth profile of the implanted ions, measured by Rutherford backscattering spectrometry, matches predictions of DYNAMIC-TRIM calculations. However, after annealing at temperatures above 550° C the Gd ions are observed to migrate towards the bulk, and at the same time atomic force microscope images of the film surfaces show significant roughening. Raman spectroscopy shows that the annealed films have a reduced number of crystalline defects. The overall results are useful for developing an implantation-annealing regime to produce well characterized samples to investigate magnetism in the ZnO:Gd system.


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