Long range interactions of the Mg+ and Ca+ ions

Mitroy, J.; Zhang, J. Y.
June 2008
European Physical Journal D -- Atoms, Molecules, Clusters & Opti;Jun2008, Vol. 48 Issue 1, p415
Academic Journal
The polarizabilities of the low lying states of the Mg+ and Ca+ ions are evaluated by diagonalizing the semi-empirical Hamiltonians in a large dimension single electron basis. The quadrupole moment of the metastable 3d state Ca+ is also calculated and is within 1% of a recent experimental value while being 5% smaller than some large ab-initio calculations. In addition, the long range dispersion coefficients for these ions interacting with a number of atoms are given. Oscillator strengths are also given and generally agree with the most sophisticated ab-initio calculations. The polarizabilities and dispersion coefficients can be used to estimate the frequency shifts of the Ca+ 4s ↦ 3d clock transition due to background electric fields and also collisions with a buffer gas.


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