Influence of the redox conditions of melting on the quantitative ratio of ions Fe2+/Fe3+ in aluminum potassium barium phosphate glass

V. Arbuzov; M. Voroshilova; P. Gusev; S. Nikitina; Yu. Fedorov
December 2007
Glass Physics & Chemistry;Dec2007, Vol. 33 Issue 6, p556
Academic Journal
Abstract  This paper reports on the results of the investigation of the KGSS 0180 phosphate laser glasses produced under industrial conditions, in which iron is contained in the form of impurities, and the glasses prepared under laboratory conditions with iron additives and a composition similar to that of the KGSS 0180 glass matrix. The influence of the redox conditions of glass melting on the quantitative ratio of ions Fe2+/Fe3+ in the glass composition and on the contribution of Fe2+ ions to the inactive absorption coefficient at the lasing wavelength (1.053μm) is analyzed.


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