Dynamics of lithium ions in bismuthate glasses: Influence of strontium ions

Dutta, A.; Ghosh, A.
August 2006
Journal of Chemical Physics;8/7/2006, Vol. 125 Issue 5, p054508
Academic Journal
The influence of strontium ions on the relaxation dynamics of lithium ions in bismuthate glasses has been investigated in the frequency range of 10 Hz to 2 MHz. We have observed that the conductivity increases and the activation energy decreases with the increase of SrO content in the glass compositions with fixed Li2O content. We have also observed that the conductivity increases and the activation energy decreases when Sr2+ ions are replaced by Li+ ions, keeping the glass former content fixed. We have shown that the estimated mobile ion concentration is almost independent of temperature and SrO content in the compositions. We have further shown that a fraction of total lithium ions are mobile for all glass compositions. The results have been interpreted on the basis of the modification of the bismuthate network by the addition of SrO, which enhances the mobility of Li ions, without altering the mobile Li+ ion concentration. We have also shown that the conductivity relaxation in these glasses is independent of temperature and composition, and the nonexponential parameter is less than that for the lithium bismuthate glasses without SrO.


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