The Relation of Different-Scale Membrane Processes Under Nitric Oxide Influence

Brazhe, Nadiya A.; Erokhova, Liudmila A.; Churin, Anatolii A.; Maksimov, Georgy V.
July 2005
Journal of Biological Physics;Jul2005, Vol. 31 Issue 3/4, p533
Academic Journal
Rhythmic activity, synaptic transmission and propagation of excitation depend on the processes that occur at different cellular levels. Modulation of neuron activity results from the changes of plasma membrane and organelles properties. We aimed to study the relationship between changes of the ion channels activity, membrane microviscosity and amount of bound Ca2+ under the influence of nitric oxide (NO). We also investigated the effect of NO on the refractive index of neurons. We have shown that NO activates voltage-dependent K(K V )-channels and leads to the decrease in the amount of membrane-bound and stored Ca2+. NO causes a decrease in the microviscosity of the membrane of cytosomes and altered refractive index of neurones. The latter can result from the modification of plasma membrane physico-chemical properties and structural changes in the cytoplasm (vesicles movement, reorganisation of cytoskeleton, etc.). It is suggested that long-term modifications of the physico-chemical properties of membranes and reorganisation in the cytoplasm affect neuron activity and signal transmission.


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