On the control of product yields in the photofragmentation of deuteriumchlorid ions (DCl+)

Korolkov, Mikhail V.; Weitzel, Karl-Michael
October 2005
Journal of Chemical Physics;10/22/2005, Vol. 123 Issue 16, p164308
Academic Journal
The prospect of controlling the photofragmentation of deuterium chloride ions (DCl+) via strong ultrashort IR laser pulses has been investigated by a numerical solution of coupled Schrödinger equations. The calculations provide evidence that the ratio of product ion yields Cl+ versus D+ can be manipulated by an appropriate choice of laser pulse parameters, in particular, central laser frequency, pulse duration, intensity, and chirp. The analysis of time-dependent populations reveals competition between intra- and interelectronic state excitations, enabling the understanding of quantum control at the molecular level.


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