Measurement of Activation Cross Sections of the Proton, Deuteron, and Alpha Particle-Induced Nuclear Reactions on Platinum

Tárkányi, F.; Takács, S.; Ditrói, F.; Csikai, J.; Hermanne, A.; Uddin, M. S.; Hagiwara, M.; Baba, M.; Shubin, Yu. N.; Dityuk, A. I.
May 2005
AIP Conference Proceedings;2005, Vol. 769 Issue 1, p1015
Academic Journal
Excitation functions of proton (natPt(p,xn)191,192,193,194,195,196m,g,196m2,198gAu, natPt(p,x)188,189,191,195mPt, natPt(p,x)188,189,190,192,194mIr), deuteron (natPt(d,xn)192,193,194,195,196m,196Au, natPt(d,x)195m,197Pt, natPt(d,x)192Ir) and alpha induced (natPt(α,xn)192g,193m,193g,195m,195g,197m,197g,199mHg, natPt(α,x)194,195g,196m,196g,198m,198g,199,200m,200gAu, natPt(α,x)195m,197m,197gPt) nuclear reactions on platinum target were measured for the first time. The experimental results were compared with the theoretical calculations using the ALICE-IPPE code. The possible applications of the data are discussed. © 2005 American Institute of Physics


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