Magnetic properties of ultrathin tetragonal Heusler D022-Mn3Ge perpendicular-magnetized films

Sugihara, A.; Suzuki, K. Z.; Miyazaki, T.; Mizukami, S.
May 2015
Journal of Applied Physics;2015, Vol. 117 Issue 17, p17B511-1
Academic Journal
We investigated the crystal structure and magnetic properties of Manganese-germanium (Mn3Ge) films having the tetragonal D022 structure, with varied thicknesses (5-130 nm) prepared on chromium (Cr)-buffered single crystal MgO(001) substrates. A crystal lattice elongation in the in-plane direction, induced by the lattice mismatch between the D022-Mn3Ge and the Cr buffer layer, increased with decreasing thickness of the D022-Mn3Ge layer. The films exhibited clear magnetic hysteresis loops with a squareness ratio close to unity, and a step-like magnetization reversal even at a 5-nm thickness under an external field perpendicular to the film's plane. The uniaxial magnetic anisotropy constant of the films showed a reduction to less than 10 Merg/cm³ in the small thickness range (⩽20 nm), likely due to the crystal lattice elongation in the in-plane direction.


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