Tuning giant anomalous Hall resistance ratio in perpendicular Hall balance

Zhang, J. Y.; Yang, G.; Wang, S. G.; Liu, J. L.; Wang, R. M.; Amsellem, E.; Kohn, A.; Yu, G. H.
April 2015
Applied Physics Letters;4/13/2015, Vol. 106 Issue 15, p1
Academic Journal
Anomalous Hall effect at room temperature in perpendicular Hall balance with a core structure of [Pt/Co]4/NiO/[Co/Pt]4 has been tuned by functional CoO layers, where [Pt/Co]4 multilayers exhibit perpendicular magnetic anisotropy. A giant Hall resistance ratio up to 69 900% and saturation Hall resistance (RSP) up to 2590 mΩ were obtained in CoO/[Pt/Co]4/NiO/[Co/Pt]4/CoO system, which is 302% and 146% larger than that in the structure without CoO layers, respectively. Transmission electron microscopy shows highly textured [Co/Pt]4 multilayers and oxide layers with local epitaxial relations, indicating that the crystallographic structure has significant influence on spin dependent transport properties.


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